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Agitated ultrasonic vibrating screen

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Product introduction

Oxygen content alarm Ultrasonic vibrating screen It's for Ultrasonic vibrating screen The oxygen transmitter is installed to monitor the oxygen content of the material at any time during the screening process, so as to ensure that the characteristics of the screened materials remain unchanged and meet the needs of users. Oxygen content alarm ultrasonic Vibration sieve Is the recent popular screening equipment.

For fine metal powder or special alloy powder, it is easy to oxidize in the screening process of ordinary screen machine, especially metal 3D High end metal powder in printing industry, the oxygen content of the powder has higher requirements, so it can not contact air when separating powder particles. Oxygen content alarm ultrasonic vibration screen through special processing technology, ensure sieving system In the fully closed state, inert gas protection is added, and the oxygen content of the screening system is automatically controlled in the whole process to prevent metal powder from contacting with oxygen, so as to ensure the purity of powder and improve the metal 3D The quality of the printed piece and the oxygen content alarm ultrasonic vibration screen also has the function of explosion-proof when the explosion-proof motor is installed.

Overview of oxygen content alarm ultrasonic vibrating screen products:

Oxygen content alarm ultrasonic vibrating screen is in the XZS series Rotary vibrating screen It has changed Sieve frame The structure of the structure is replaced by the ultrasonic grid External ultrasonic transducer The screening process has been in a fully closed state Ultrasonic power supply and Ultrasonic transducer The ultrasonic wave is converted into high frequency mechanical wave and transmitted to the screen surface to achieve good screening purpose. It is mainly used for screening of superfine powder and superfine powder.   

Performance characteristics of oxygen content alarm ultrasonic vibrating screen:

The ultrasonic vibration screen with oxygen content alarm can screen the heavy, light, ultra-fine and strong adsorption powder which cannot be separated by ordinary screening machine , It is effective for almost all hard to sieve powders. Material screening with strict product requirements has the effect that other screening machines cannot achieve screen mesh The ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave) can make the ultra-fine powder accept the huge ultrasonic acceleration, improve the flat drop (light contact between the powder and the mesh) and slip effect of the low-density powder in the gravity settlement, improve the retention or wedging of the high-density metal in the mesh mouth, and improve the adhesion effect of the electrostatic powder, so as to improve the screening efficiency and screening quality. In general, the passing rate is higher than that without ultrasonic vibration screen 50% 400% Its performance features are as follows:

   (1) reduce or not generate network clearing time;

   (2) the powder is not polluted by auxiliary materials such as bouncing ball;

   (3) keep the mesh size and stabilize the screening accuracy;

   (4) decompose the adhesion material and reduce the material on the screen;

   (5) reduce the screening times.

  Product features of oxygen alarm ultrasonic vibrating screen:

one Good screening capacity and higher screening accuracy, realizing high-precision screening, the accuracy can be improved one 70% The yield can be increased 0.5-10 Times.

two It can effectively prevent the screen from blocking, and the materials that are difficult to screen will hardly block the mesh. It can control the narrow particle size range.

three To solve the screening problem of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity and light specific gravity materials.

four Keep the properties of the screened materials unchanged.

five Digital signal input to realize automatic frequency tracking.

six The energy conversion efficiency of transducer is high.

seven twenty-four The control power supply and transducer do not need to cool down.

eight The transducer and screen are connected by screw thread, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

nine Separated structure, resonance ring, good effect and long screen life.

ten It can be sieved 25µm Can be filtered 10µm The liquid.

eleven No need Rubber ball Clean the net and put an end to the re pollution caused by rubber wear.

twelve Adhesive screen fixed frame, no pollution, no dead angle, uniform stress, easy to replace.


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