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Quality problems of vibrating screen

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Sometimes, we use it Vibration sieve After a while, we will meet Vibrating screen The problem of damage is too fast. What is the cause?

Vibration of screen quality It's a cause screen mesh It is an important factor of damage too fast.

If the material of the screen can not meet the screening requirements of the material, the screen will be damaged quickly. We are in the customer's choice Rotary vibrating screen The paper lists the classification of screen and how to select the appropriate screen.

vibration screen The tension is not strong enough to cause the screen to vibrate, usually along the edge of the screen or the edge of the bead broken or damaged.

③ Generally, the vibrating screen has the upper layer and the lower layer, and the two layers are required to fit tightly. If the pre tensioning process of the screen is poor, when the stress layer at the bottom of the screen is tightened, the screen layer is not tightened;

Do that Screen machine When working, the distance between the upper and lower vibration of the screen is too large, and Sieve frame The contact part can not be effectively compressed, which is also one of the reasons for the screen damage too fast.

④ Material feeding problem.

Because of the continuous feeding in the process of vibrating screen, but if too much feeding at one time hinders the normal movement of materials on the screen surface, it is not only easy to make the screen fatigue loose, but also greatly reduce the material handling capacity.

One time to give a large number of materials, will make itself in unbalanced operation electric machinery When the load increases suddenly, it is not only easy to damage the screen, but also easy to cause Vibration motor Therefore, the material should be evenly fed when the material is put in.

In the feeding mode with strong impact force, the vibration screen must be equipped with buffer Hopper The direct impact of materials on the screen will consume the exciting force generated by the vibration source, which is more likely to cause screen damage and screen fatigue.

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