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What are the application scope of ultrasonic vibration screen?

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Ultrasonic vibrating screen It is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, food and perfume, tea, feed, plastic, rubber, chemical fertilizer, sugar and salt industry, renewable resources, EPS, PVI, PVC, resin and other industries.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen Product features

1 Vibration sieve High efficiency and exquisite design durable Any powder and irregular shape particles can be screened;

Two side screen installation Net cleaning device To solve the problem of blockage effectively;

3 Swing screen The mesh is not blocked, the powder does not fly, and can be sieved to 500 mesh or 0.028 mm;

4. Impurities and coarse materials can be discharged automatically continuity Operation;

V. Du te Grid structure Design, screen mesh It takes only 3-5 minutes to change the mesh;

6. Small size, space saving and easy to move;

7. Vibrating screen Screen machine Five layers are recommended

The principle is: the instantaneous motion is the combination of radial displacement and circular motion (spiral motion), which can adjust the eccentricity Exciter The non-linear three-dimensional motion is generated, and the material also produces the same movement similar to manual operation, so as to achieve the purpose of screening, and the more ideal screening effect can be obtained by combining with the screening accessories; it is suitable for materials with circular shape, cylindrical shape, sheet shape, even regular shape, which are easy to block the mesh and need to be screened accurately.

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