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Daily maintenance and screening quality analysis of ultrasonic vibrating screen

2020-06-11 come from: Xinxiang North General Machinery Co., Ltd Views: 91

Ultrasonic vibrating screen It's fine Screening equipment Its daily maintenance and screening quality are more concerned by users. The daily maintenance of vibrating screen can increase its service life, good screening quality can be loved by more users. therefore Daily maintenance and screening quality analysis of ultrasonic vibrating screen It is very important for the normal operation of vibrating screen.


      Ultrasonic vibrating screen Daily maintenance:

1、 Bearing shoulder Ultrasonic vibration The full load of the screen machine and the quality of the lubricating oil have a great influence on the bearing life and running rate, Vibration motor The bearing is ultrasonic Vibration sieve Important oil filling place of;

2. Attention should be paid to whether there is noise during the operation of ultrasonic vibration screen and whether all parts work normally;

3. After the normal operation of the facilities, it is necessary to regularly check the wear degree of the wearing parts and replace the damaged parts at any time;

4、 The ultrasonic generator Regular maintenance, no heavy pressure, and away from electronic facilities;

5. The ultrasonic generator should be placed in a well ventilated place, which is conducive to its heat dissipation and prolong its service life.

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