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Field operation method of ultrasonic vibrating screen

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 Field operation method of ultrasonic vibrating screen

    Ultrasonic vibrating screen After arriving at the customer's site, many customers reported that they would not operate and could not achieve a good screening effect due to improper operation. Customers were required to read in detail according to the reflection Ultrasonic system The instructions are relatively detailed. after all Ultrasonic vibrating screen system It belongs to the scope of electrical operation, slightly more complicated than the mechanical principle, so as not to cause ultrasonic Unnecessary loss and unnecessary detection trouble.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen Operation method

1. The ultrasonic system needs to use the whole set of detection. Many customers have reported that the ultrasonic system can not be used normally after maintenance, because if Power box There is no problem after returning to the factory for testing, but transducer Failure to check, resulting in damage to the transducer, only repair the power box.

2. The working power supply and voltage of the ultrasonic system are AC 220 v. the output power of the ultrasonic system is connected to the transducer through the data line from the back panel of the power box, in which the red is the positive pole. When connecting, pay special attention to the voltage pole, and it is not allowed to connect the wrong, otherwise the whole set will be connected Screen machine It's going to be electrified, and the consequences are serious.

3. When the screening effect can be achieved, the power block should be adjusted to the bottom as much as possible, and the high current should not exceed 0.4. Avoid unnecessary energy consumption and excessive power supply current affecting the heating of transducer, thus polluting materials and causing unnecessary damage.

   4、 Grid structure Do not turn on the ultrasonic system when the screen is not stretched, otherwise it is easy to cause power over-current and damage the transducer.

   5、 screen mesh Tension can achieve good screening effect, otherwise it will affect the ultrasonic output and vibration effect, seriously affecting the screening effect and screening output.

6. The aviation plug screw on the transducer must be tightened, and the data line should be regularly checked for damage. The aviation connector and data line must be wrapped with insulating tape to prevent dust. If the aviation plug is not tightened, the ultrasonic vibration wave energy can not be transmitted. You lose the vibration effect.

7. If the material has conductivity. Please keep the power box away from the material site to prevent the material from entering the power box and causing short circuit.

8. If you find that the noise in the power box is too loud or the fan can't rotate, please stop working immediately and check the radiator fan. Please pay attention to ventilation when using the power box.

9. Each set of ultrasonic includes a resonant power supply, an oscillator and a network frame. Please number the three and use them together. The effect is better. Try not to mix with other ultrasonic.

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