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What sieve machine is better for pine pollen

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Pine pollen Pine pollen is widely recognized as a whitening and skin care artifact. The mass production of pine pollen has also been put into the production line. After being extracted, the pine flower is made into pine flower powder through multiple steps because of the high precision requirements, 325 or even 500 mesh is common Mesh size , so it is used Ultrasonic vibrating screen More places.

 What sieve machine is better for pine pollen  

Pine pollen Ultrasonic vibrating screen

Ultrasonic vibration The screen is suitable for Purpose 50-625 screen mesh Separation powder, very suitable for screening pine pollen, can effectively solve the screening problems of fine materials such as blocking, sticking, adsorption, static electricity, agglomeration, light specific gravity and so on. The reason is that ultrasonic Vibration sieve Yes, it will The ultrasonic generator The principle of the new product combined with the vibrating screen is to convert 220 V, 50 Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz electric energy into 18-40 kHz high-frequency electric energy, and then install the Sieve frame The ultrasonic vibrator head on the screen converts high-frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, which makes the screen surface produce supersonic vibration which is invisible to the naked eye, makes the ultra-fine powder accept the huge ultrasonic acceleration, and the material on the screen surface is always in suspension state, so as to suppress the blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, leveling, wedging, etc High efficiency The purpose of screening and cleaning.

1. The screening material is more fine

For some fine powder and micro powder materials, it is difficult to complete accurate screening by ordinary vibrating screen Materials above 500 mesh, common Vibrating screen They are more difficult to achieve because they are prone to agglomerate and leak during screening. Ultrasonic vibration screen can be well avoided. ultrasonic Vibrating screen For special use Ultrasonic screening system In this way, the screening accuracy can be increased by 1 ~ 70%. At the same time, the narrow particle size range can be controlled, and the characteristics of the screened materials can be kept unchanged. More than normal Rotary vibrating screen A set of ultrasonic generating device is added, which is installed in the Grid structure The lower end of the device can screen more fine materials through the device Vibration motor And it's also affected by Ultrasonic transducer Therefore, the screening material is more fine.

2. Higher screening output

Ultrasonic vibration screen has 1-3 layers of screen can be used in single layer or multi-layer, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times. When screening powder, particle and slurry materials, the output of ultrasonic vibration screen is 2-10 times higher than that of ordinary vibrating screen. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of various industries for fine screening as far as possible, there are various types of ultrasonic vibration screens. Different types of ultrasonic vibration screens correspond to different screening areas, and the corresponding screening efficiency and processing capacity are also greatly different, which can fully meet the fine powder screening requirements of different industries.

3. No need to add Net cleaning device

The cleaning device of ultrasonic vibrating screen is ultrasonic transducer , does not exist Bouncing ball Fascicular ring This kind of accessories, so there will be no impurities in the screening process. (as the service life of the vibrating screen increases, the bouncing ball will wear and tear, and some fine rubber powder will enter into the finished materials through the screen mesh, which is not the case with the ultrasonic vibration screen.)

 What sieve machine is better for pine pollen

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