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Six kinds of troubles and solutions of ultrasonic screen

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 Ultrasonic screen

1. After starting the power supply, Ultrasonic vibrating screen Can't open, can't work

In this case, the following aspects can be checked: whether the power supply is electrified, whether the circuit is normal and whether the power fuse is in good condition. Check these items, if any problem is found, it is necessary to replace the corresponding parts or carry out maintenance in time. Here, we need to pay attention to the following points: before the maintenance, we must cut off the power supply connection;

2、 Ultrasonic vibrating screen The vibration amplitude is small and the vibration of screen surface is weak

The causes of this fault are: the insulation value of cable and plug is not enough transducer It's not locked screen mesh Incorrect installation, frequency imbalance of the resonator, etc. Check these parts one by one and solve the problems, or tighten the transducer, install the screen and clean up the sundries;

3. After start-up, the screen has no vibration

In case of this kind of fault, the following items need to be checked: whether the connection between the power supply and the transducer is short circuited, the transducer is loose, etc. Check these items one by one. You can also use a multimeter to check the connection of each cable and tap, and check the transducer. If any problem is found, repair or replace it in time;


4. Poor screening quality

This phenomenon is caused by improper operation, because of mesh blockage, the increase of fine particles and moisture in the material, the material layer is too thick, resulting in uneven feeding;

It may also be because the two sides of the screen are not tight. If the shaft is eccentric vibration, it may be because the belt is too weak to drag or too loose, so it can be used for a period of time to reverse rotate, so as to improve the screening quality;

5. Excessive noise

This kind of fault problem may be due to Bearing In addition to the bolt can be tightened, parts need to be replaced in other three cases;

6、 Ultrasonic vibration The screen rotation changes slowly and the bearing is heated

In this case, it means that the maintenance work is not done well, and the bearing lacks lubricating oil. If the lubricating oil is newly added, it is the quality problem of the lubricating oil or it is filled too much. Poor quality lubricating oil will cause the bearing to block and seal, so the quality of lubricating oil is also very important.

The above is true ultrasonic Common faults of vibrating screen When the equipment breaks down, find out the corresponding solutions according to the contents. At the same time, we should develop good habits and pay attention to details, because only by paying attention to some details, the screening efficiency and service life of the equipment can meet their own requirements and satisfy themselves.

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