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Solution to fracture of discharge port of ultrasonic vibrating screen

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   Ultrasonic vibrating screen Is a widely used automatic Screening equipment Especially good at fine powder High efficiency Screening, by medicine, food and other strict health requirements of the industry, because it is Rotary vibrating screen The main structure of the frame is basically the same as that of the rotary shaker screen mesh Grid structure , discharge port Fascicular ring And buffer and base structure. Maintenance of a pair of outlet vibrating screen The efficiency and life of the system have a direct impact, which can not be ignored.

If Ultrasonic vibrating screen The materials used are of poor quality, or the thickness of the fuselage is not up to standard, the welding is not firm, and the equipment structure is unreasonable, Ultrasonic vibration There will be a variety of problems in the use of the screen, such as Outlet broken After the material outlet has been broken ultrasonic Vibration sieve By analyzing and simulating the actual situation of the customer's workshop, we found that the causes of the fracture of the discharge port are the design defects of the inferior ultrasonic vibrating screen and the incorrect operation of the customers.

   Solution to fracture of discharge port of ultrasonic vibrating screen

1. Argon arc welding technology and Sieve frame Therefore, if there is a heavy object hanging for a long time, combined with the impact of the intense vibration screen force of the ultrasonic vibration screen itself, it is likely to cause cracks or even direct fracture of the welding interface over time. Therefore, it is absolutely not allowed to hang heavy objects on the discharge port.

2. The discharge port of the vibrating screen should not be too long. If the too long discharge port is arbitrarily customized for the convenience of receiving materials, the suspended discharge outlet is not supported by any external force, and the length is generally recommended to be controlled between 200-325mm.

3. Another reason may be that the bundle ring is not locked evenly. If the bundle ring is not locked, it may not only cause the fracture of the discharge port, but also the leakage of material. Therefore, the leather mallet should be placed beside the machine frequently to prevent the loosening of the bundle ring, which can not be found in time and cause equipment failure.

With the increasing demand of vibrating screen equipment in the market, the development trend is also in a state of gradual improvement. Users in various industries are scrambling to buy their favorite screening equipment - ultrasonic vibration screen.

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