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What are the characteristics of linear vibrating screen?

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        Linear vibrating screen What are the characteristics? And linear Vibration sieve The same, Linear vibration Screen is one of the widely used vibrating screens. Linear vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screen with linear vibration path. When used, it is usually composed of a single shaft vibrator. There are mainly two forms of vibration and vibrator: eccentric block and eccentric shaft.

The linear vibrating screen is mainly driven by electric machinery , vibration exciter, coupling Bearing The utility model is composed of a seat, a pulley device, an intermediate transmission shaft, a bracket, a screen box and a supporting spring group. In addition, the driving motor of the vibrating screen can be based on the field. It is installed on the left or right according to the construction conditions. At present, vibrating screen is widely used in chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, mining and other fields of material classification.

In terms of manufacturing technology, the linear vibrating screen adopts block eccentricity as excitation force, which makes the exciting force stronger; Screen machine It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, high strength bolt connection, no welding, and flexible connection with tire coupling. Operation stable High screening efficiency, Large processing capacity Long service life.

The linear vibrating screen is a new type Screening equipment Linear vibrating screen involves almost all aspects of production and life. The efficiency of linear vibrating screen directly affects the production schedule. Therefore, how to improve the screening efficiency of linear vibrating screen is a headache for many users

1. Adjust the feeding mode, many feeding equipment can not feed materials evenly screen mesh Flat, resulting in insufficient use of screen surface, seriously affecting the screening efficiency. A set of dispensing devices can be added at the entrance of the linear shaker to evenly cover the screen surface so as to Improve screening efficiency ;

2. Increase Sieve plate High opening rate is helpful to improve the screening effect. In general, stainless steel The opening ratio of woven mesh is higher than that of welded sieve plate, which can improve the screening efficiency;

3. The angle of linear vibrating screen, if the length of screen surface can meet the requirements of production accuracy, the angle of linear vibrating screen can be increased to 5-10 ° and the screening efficiency will be greatly improved.

Through the above points, users can greatly improve the screening efficiency of linear vibrating screen.

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