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Series ultrasonic screen machine - field case table

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 Series ultrasonic screen

Field case analysis sheet

Date: June 8, 2019
Contract No BFTY-201905012-1
Delivery date: May 20, 2019
Name / specification of goods: BFCS-1000-2S,BFCS-600-1S
Quantity: 2 sets
Equipment use site: Guangdong metal powder screening workshop
Equipment use effect: 1. Excellent screening ability and higher screening precision can realize high-precision screening, the precision can be increased by 1-70%, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times.
  2、 Effectively prevent screen blockage The material that is difficult to screen will hardly block the mesh. It can control the narrow particle size range.
3. Solve the screening problem of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity and light specific gravity materials.
4. Ensure that the properties of the screened materials remain unchanged.
5. Digital signal input to realize automatic frequency tracking.
  6、 transducer High efficiency of energy conversion (up to the standards of foreign counterparts).
  7、 24-hour continuous operation The control power supply and transducer do not need to be cooled (up to the international standards of similar products).
8. Transducer and screen mesh It is easy to disassemble and clean.
9. Separate structure, resonance ring, good effect and long screen life.
10. It can screen 25 μ m powder particles and filter 10 μ m liquid.
11. No need Rubber ball Clean the net and put an end to the re pollution caused by rubber wear.
12. Adhesive screen fixation Grid structure No pollution, no dead angle, uniform stress and convenient replacement.
Overall system: Series structure is adopted.
salesman: Manager Chen
Customer return information: High screening accuracy It can increase production and save time and manpower.
Note: 1. This form shall be printed except for the signature of the party concerned.
2. This form is made in duplicate and handed over to the factory director and chairman at the same time.

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