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How to choose vacuum feeder? What are the characteristics of vacuum feeder?

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Also known as vacuum machine feeding Conveyor It is a kind of dust-free airtight pipeline transportation equipment which transfers particles and powder materials with the help of vacuum suction. The gas flow in the pipeline is formed by using the pressure difference between vacuum and environment space, which drives the movement of powder materials, so as to complete the transportation of powder. So how do we purchase the vacuum feeding machine?

When we choose and buy vacuum feeding machine, we should first clarify our purpose. If the enterprise is used to package liquid products, we can choose liquid packaging machine; if it is a powder product, such as ordinary milk powder, soybean milk powder, coarse cereals and other products, we should choose powder packaging machine for production, and there are many types; we should choose according to the actual needs.

What are the characteristics of vacuum feeder?

1. Vacuum feeding machine adopts material switch, sensitive induction and quality stable

2. Adopting high pressure vortex air pump, small volume, low noise and long service life;

3. The vacuum feeding machine model adopts the principle of vacuum suction conveying, and the material barrel stainless steel Combined structure, with pulsating high pressure spray washing function.

Its working principle is: when the air pump of the vacuum feeder rotates, the negative pressure of the air pump forms the vacuum air flow, and the material is sucked into the material suction nozzle to form the material flow, which reaches the feeding machine through the suction pipe Silo When the material is full of materials, the controller will automatically cut off the power supply, the vacuum negative pressure feeder will stop working, and the bin door will automatically open, and the material will fall into the equipment Hopper In order to carry out the next screening treatment.

 How to choose vacuum feeder? What are the characteristics of vacuum feeder?

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