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Is the service life of low speed swing ultrasonic vibrating screen long?

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    Ultrasonic vibrating screen The machine is not suitable for materials with high moisture content and adhesion. When working, the vibration makes the materials adhere to the screen surface more tightly, resulting in material congestion or forced shutdown. Due to the limitation of working principle, the energy consumption of this type of machine is relatively high, especially under the condition of large output. In addition, the work noise and dust are heavy. Ultrasonic vibrating screen It works by using the reciprocating vibration produced by the vibrator. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator makes the screen surface produce plane whirling vibration, while the lower rotating weight makes the screen surface produce conical rotary vibration, and the combined effect makes the screen surface produce complex rotation vibration.

    Ultrasonic vibration Compared with ordinary vibration equipment, the screen has shorter service life and higher maintenance rate. Vibration sieve The principle of low speed swing is adopted to ensure the service life of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost, reduce the noise of the equipment, and make the use of the equipment more safe. Rotary vibrating screen Eyes, hands, screen, Swing screen Swing screen, also known as shaking screen and shaking screen, is a kind of equipment developed to solve the problem of irregular material blocking. This series of equipment refers to the manual screening work, so that the screen surface running track is the shaking action before and after, so as to realize the blocking problem of irregular materials, which can effectively improve the production and screening accuracy. It must be turned by hand (or other methods) before test run Exciter The machine can be started only when the rotation is flexible and there is no jamming.

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