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Brief analysis on the meaning of relevant technical parameters of conveyor

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1 Conveyor Definition of:

A conveyor must be a large category on the line continuity Conveying material handling machinery, also known as continuous conveyor. The conveyor can be used for horizontal, inclined and vertical work, and can also form a space transmission line, which is generally fixed. The conveyor has large conveying capacity and long transportation distance, and can also complete a number of process operations in the conveying process at the same time, so it is widely used.

2、 Main parameters of conveyor

Generally, the main parameters are determined according to the requirements of material handling system, various conditions of material loading and unloading location, relevant production process and material characteristics.

1. Conveying capacity: the conveying capacity of a conveyor refers to the amount of material transported per unit time. When conveying bulk materials, it is calculated by the mass or volume of materials transported per hour; when conveying finished products, it is calculated by the number of pieces transported per hour.

2. Conveying speed: increasing conveying speed can improve conveying capacity. When the conveyor belt is used as traction and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed increases gradually. But at high speed Belt conveyor Attention should be paid to vibration, noise, starting and braking. For the conveyor with chain as traction, the conveying speed should not be too high to prevent the increase of dynamic load. For the conveyor with process operation at the same time, the conveying speed shall be determined according to the production process requirements.

3. Component size: the component size of conveyor includes the width of conveyor belt, strip width Hopper Volume, pipe diameter and container size. The size of these components directly affect the conveying capacity of the conveyor.

4. Conveying length and inclination: the length and inclination of conveying line directly affect the total resistance and required power of conveyor.

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