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Five stage drum screen

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Five stage drum type automatic screening machine Vibration sieve After the new generation of screening equipment. The overall design adopts layered isolation automatic screening system, which solves the problem fundamentally Vibrating screen motor High power consumption Screen wear Quick and replacement screen mesh Difficulties and many other problems that users are difficult to solve. Roller screen The material machine has the characteristics of high output, small loss, low cost of screening material, simple installation and convenient maintenance. It is an ideal professional equipment for refractory plant, ceramic factory, burden plant, coal washing plant, stone powder plant and other screening material manufacturers.
This machine adopts the grading design principle of screening coarse material (large material) and then fine material (small material), which greatly prolongs the service life of the screen. Due to the basic principle of rolling screen material, not only the time of material on the screen is greatly shortened, but also the material under the screen can flow to the lower layer. The material that can not be screened moves forward with the inclined rolling of the screen, so as to avoid the problems of easy accumulation of vibrating screen, easy clamping of materials and long residence time of materials in the feeding area.
Users can choose the specifications of screen according to their own material conditions. It is easy to replace the screen screen, just remove the screen bar and install the new mesh tightening screw.
When the screened material is manually loaded, the packing bag can be fixed at the discharge port without falling off. When the material bag is replaced, the outlet can be closed to allow a small amount of time for manual replacement and moving of the bag. The height of the discharge port from the ground is 500-600mm. When the user adopts the automatic discharging system, the small spacing of the discharging outlet of the machine is 400mm, which can meet the installation position of the automatic discharging system for ordinary users.
The automatic sealing system designed by the whole machine is adopted for the five-stage drum type screening machine, which can effectively prevent the harsh environment of vibration and dust flying around, and basically ensure the physical and mental health of operators on site.
This machine adopts three-phase 380V voltage system, electric machinery The power is 2.5 kW, which basically solves the problem of high power and easily damaged motor Bearing Long term bias Vibration motor The problem of heating and burning the motor.
This machine adopts overall design, easy to install and transport. It can be produced by connecting the power supply without laying the foundation. The installation cycle is greatly shortened. If the professional factory needs to lay the foundation, it only needs to fix one anchor screw on the four feet of the frame.

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