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Ultrasonic screen

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Ultrasonic screen


Product introduction:

BFC-300 ultrasonic Magnetic rotary screen

Ultrasonic magnetic rotary screen is introduced into Switzerland according to the screening requirements of customers for special materials Ultrasonic screen The design was successful in terms of technology. It's a new kind of research and development Ultrasonic screening system It can make the floating powder material achieve a very good screening effect, so as to improve the product quality. When processing powder coatings, due to the variety of pigments, they need to be changed frequently screen mesh Therefore, the screen should be easy to clean and replace sieving system In order to solve this problem, our company has developed square and annular ultrasonic magnetic rotary screening system, which is no longer installed on the screen surface, but is designed as a frame of the screen surface to easily integrate electricity into the powder screening system.


Advantages of bfc-300 ultrasonic magnetic rotary screen:

·The speed of screen changing is fast, and all the work of screen changing can be completed in 2 minutes.

·The screen can be repeatedly used, and the screen can be washed clean or sterilized at high temperature.

·The mixing of new materials and recovered powder can be realized.

·The cleaning time is short, and materials of different colors can be screened.

·The use of ultrasonic magnetic rotary screen can achieve constant cleaning of screen surface and constant high screening production.

·Use less compressed air to screen more powder.

·Low air velocity means that the powder can be transported in the pump and in the pipeline.

·Uniform distribution of powder can be transported through the nozzle, which can achieve the effect of uniform coating.

·It can pass the sieve fixed by bolt transducer , a set of Ultrasonic system It can be applied to multiple ultrasonic magnetic rotary sieves.


Application range of standard mesh size:


Screening of 63-80 μ m high-end coatings and fine powders in automotive industry.

95 μ m screening of raw materials for high quality components provided in the automotive industry.

Excellent quality of 125 μ m, it can screen a variety of powder types during powder processing.

140 μ m standard screening requirements for many powder types of materials.

>140 μ m is a kind of powder material which is difficult to screen, wax like and many precious metal powders.

The screening effect can only be achieved by using the ultrasonic screening system with intermediate conduction.


Bfc-300 ultrasonic magnetic rotary screen is applicable to the following industries:

-Pigment powder metal oxide

-Chemical powder cosmetic powder artificial sweetener mica

-Silica sugar spice toner powder

-Ancient paste starch emulsion powder aluminum silver paste

-Slurry oil soybean milk paint

-Tungsten powder zinc powder cemented carbide powder other similar materials

Through the screening technology of ultrasonic magnetic rotary screen, the quality of chemical and pharmaceutical powder can be improved.

Technical parameters

Product model

working frequency


working voltage

Protection level






180V-265V  50Hz/60Hz







180V-265V    50Hz/60Hz



45 KG




180V-265V    50Hz/60Hz



62 KG




180V-380V    50Hz/60Hz







180V-380V    50Hz/60Hz



one hundred and eighty

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