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Sieve inspection

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1、 Product overview:

      BFYS Sieve inspection | Standard test sieve |Standard analysis sieve is a standard analysis sieve which integrates powder grading and liquid filtration. It has high analysis efficiency, wide range and can be divided into 8 groups of samples at the same time. With the use of electronic timer, the same material can be set with the same analysis time to ensure the error, and accurately judge the quality of online products; there are other advantages; Low noise The size of the product is 0.045 mm, which is suitable for the standard separation of many samples. The standard test screen is widely used in the scientific research and production, laboratory and quality inspection room of metallurgy, powder, chemical industry, medicine, building materials, geology, national defense and other departments. It is used for screening, filtering and testing the particle size structure of granular and powdery materials, the content of liquid solid and the amount of impurities. The product has the advantages of low noise, standard screen body, high efficiency and precision in screening and filtering samples.  

300 test and analysis sieve is widely used in laboratory, quality control room and other inspection departments to determine the particle size distribution of particles and powder materials, the content of impurities in products and the content of liquid solids. The product is characterized by compact structure, low noise, high efficiency and accuracy. The new power generator of North Machinery is used to generate multiple high frequency vibration High efficiency Screening and determination. At the same time, according to different materials, different working time can be realized by electronic time delay device, the test error can be reduced to the degree, the consistency of sample analysis data can be ensured, and the product quality can be judged.

2、 Product features:

Easy to move.

    2、 High screening accuracy It can be sieved to 325 mesh.

3. Low noise.

4. Various structure, users can choose, carbon steel spray and stainless steel Two kinds.

5. One time feeding should not be more than 200g.

3、 Main application scope of the product:

Test sieve | standard analysis sieve should be widely used in scientific research and production, laboratory, quality inspection room and Laboratory of colleges and universities in metallurgy, powder, chemical industry, medicine, building materials, geology, national defense and other departments.

4、 Product technical parameters:

Serial number





Standard sieve body




Sieve body diameter




Sieve size








Feed volume (one time)








electric machinery



two hundred and twenty



one thousand four hundred and twenty



zero point one two five






Overall quality



5、 Inspection sieve | standard test sieve use method:

1. According to the tested materials and the corresponding standards to determine the standard screen.  

2. The standard screen is stacked on the tray seat from the big to the small, from the bottom to the top, and the standard screen is positioned by the groove or positioning screw.  

3. Put the tested material into the standard sieve set at the upper end (or cover the upper cover of the standard sieve set), then press the standard sieve set with the screen head on the wire column, and screw the nut on the screw column to press the standard sieve set. (Note: the force on both sides should be consistent, and then use the locking screw to lock it.

4. Put the timer switch in the corresponding position (pay attention to read the timer instructions, different settings set time is not the same), and then turn on the power switch, the inspection screen will start to work.  

5. After the standard inspection screen stops working, loosen the nut on the screw column, remove the screen head, and carefully take away the standard screen.  

6. Turn off the power.  

6、 Inspection screen | standard inspection screen: precautions:

1. Standard analytical sieves are required to be placed horizontally.  

2. Confirm that the power supply meets the requirements and ensure the grounding.  

3. The vibrating part shall not be in contact with other objects.  

4. The standard screen must be positioned by grooves or set screws.

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