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Special screen machine

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1、 Product introduction:

BFXS Three dimensional vibrating screen Rotary vibrating screen )After many years of use evaluation and suggestions of customers, on the basis of our own patents, our technical engineers have made many technical improvements to meet the needs of customers, resulting in better performance; the use of new special power generator makes 3D power more prominent, and the scope of application has brand-new expansion; and there are corresponding special design models, making BF series Three dimensional vibration screening Filter: no matter dry, wet, fine, coarse, heavy, light, 0-400 mesh can be separated, liquid, slurry, 0-400 mesh 600 mesh Can be filtered; even better screen mesh The cleaning device can reduce the blocking rate, effectively improve the screen passing efficiency and processing accuracy, and the unique special model and various fixed structure forms of screen mesh provide customers with more choices in the north.

2、 Working principle of the product:

Three dimensional element of North gyration Vibrating screening Basic principle system of filter (rotary vibrating screen) electric machinery The heavy hammer (unbalanced weight) installed at the upper and lower ends transforms the motor movement into horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transmits this movement to the mesh surface, so that the material can make an outward expansion involute movement on the screen surface Vibration sieve It is called rotary vibrating screen. The movement direction of raw materials can be changed by changing the phase angle of the upper and lower weights of the motor.

3、 Product advantages:

Mother and son type, stamping type, adhesive type, etc Grid structure Design, 3-5 minutes screen replacement can be completed, the screen can be replaced with 2 people, the whole machine and screen life is long, less energy consumption, low maintenance costs. BF series of three-dimensional rotary screen vibration source generated by the three-dimensional vibration, strong and stable, the equipment can be installed in any required position and easy to move.

4、 5 features of the product:

This machine adopts special high performance Vertical vibration motor , to provide you with surging momentum, support long-term uninterrupted work.  

1. The contact part between the body and material adopts the first level stainless steel Plate, hygienic, sterile, corrosion resistant, wear-resisting Outstanding performance.  

2. The unique V-type reinforced locking is adopted in the northern vibrating screen Fascicular ring And special grid, more secure, more solid.  

The high precision of the screen is further improved by using the high-end screen area.  

4. It is easy to clean, the mesh is not blocked and can be repeated continuity It takes only 3-5 minutes to change the network.  

5. It is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, plastics, abrasives, ceramics, papermaking, nano materials and other industries for grading, impurity removal, mixing, vibrating, filtering, solid-liquid separation, etc.

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