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Screw and screen machine

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Screw conveyor The process of conveying materials is achieved by using the rotating spiral blade to push forward in the groove. It can transport powdery, granular and small materials such as flour, grains and pebbles, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven It was first used in the United States. The casing is usually fixed U Spiral groove Conveyor The blades are arranged along the helical axis. The bulk materials are accumulated in the lower part of the slot under the action of the self weight and the friction force of the casing, and are not pushed forward by the blades with the rotation of the blades. When conveying dry and small sticky powder and granular materials, solid blade screw is used; when conveying viscous or block material, belt type blade screw is used; when conveying easily agglomerated material, paddle type blade screw is used. This kind of screw not only pushes materials, but also breaks up agglomerations. The conveying distance is generally between seventy Within meters, the projected diameter of the helix is within one thousand two hundred and fifty The conveying angle is less than mm 20° It has large conveying capacity. The screw conveyor can be loaded and unloaded at many places, Good sealing , Transportable temperature lower than two hundred However, wear and energy consumption are high.

XZS Type series Rotary vibrating screen It is a special type, high-precision screening and filtering machine product. This series of products are widely used in screening and filtering operations of various dry, wet and various geometric shape materials, and can pass through various mesh numbers (or pore sizes) screen mesh It is very good to mix different granular, powdery and liquid materials continuity Screen or filter to meet the different needs of various materials. XZS It is a fully enclosed structure with high performance Low noise It is a necessary product in chemical industry, medicine, plastics, food, mining, environmental protection, abrasive, ceramics, papermaking and other industries.

 XZS A series of rotary vibrating screens, made of Vertical vibration motor The eccentric weights at the upper and lower ends of the shaft generate vibration sources, which makes the upper part of the rotary screen vibrate in the horizontal, vertical and inclined directions. By adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower weights, the different motion trajectories of the materials on the screen surface can be changed to meet the requirements of different specific gravity materials Screening or filtering, increase or decrease the number of additional heavy blocks of the upper and lower heavy hammers will produce different vibration forces, which can achieve the screening and filtering effect of materials with different specific gravity and mesh number (or aperture).

  The combination of the above two kinds of mechanical equipment can realize assembly line production with high efficiency, reduce labor, improve production and save cost.


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