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Swing test screen

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Swing multifunction Standard test sieve yes Xinxiang North general machinery Ltd. developed products, set three functions as one, up and down vibration, back and forth reciprocating motion, left and right swing, so that materials in the Sieve frame There is a reciprocating rotary motion, the most fine screen to five Micron, the Screen machine It fills the gap of screen machine industry at home and abroad. It is a new high-tech new product

Swing test screen Application scope of

  one Swing multifunctional standard sieve . modern design . The structure is more reasonable and scientific, the appearance is beautiful, the noise is small, the volume is light, beautiful and generous, the operation is convenient, and the timing controller is installed, and the working time can be adjusted at any time.

 2. Applicable materials: fine particles, metal powder, carbon powder, chemical powder, food powder, pharmaceutical powder, diamond powder, building materials, dyeing, ceramics, rubber, papermaking, dry and wet powder, etc.
It is widely used in mining, exploration, geology, chemical industry, pharmacy, dyestuff, biology, abrasives, food, tea, school, ceramics, national defense and other enterprises and undertakings.

swing Inspection screen The principle of application is as follows

Swing test screen is a new type of high-tech products, covering the mechanical and physical movement and high-frequency electromagnetic vibration principle. The working parameters meet the national industry standards Experimental sieve And sample screening.
electric machinery The driving gear is transmitted to the main shaft through the synchronous belt. After the gear changes speed, the spindle rotates according to the required speed. The spindle drives the eccentric wheel to make the sliding plate move back and forth, driving the experimental sieve in the tray to shake left and right, and increase the frequency vibration at the same time.

Characteristics of swing test screen:

one stable Strong performance: gear driven "synchronous belt" transmission mode, transmission accuracy, good consistency, accurate speed ratio, will not produce speed drop, sliding belt phenomenon, the equipment is installed with a digital display timer, after setting the time, it will automatically stop.
The maintenance cost is low: because the two gears are connected by "synchronous belt", the gear will not be worn, and the service life is long (the maintenance only needs to replace the "synchronous belt"), the eccentric wheel adopts the overall mode, which is convenient and accurate to install, and the transmission part adopts the Bearing It is a standard part, not easy to wear and tear, low cost and easy to replace.
High screening efficiency: the screening mode has three kinds of movements: back and forth, swing and vibration, which is not easy to block the screen surface, fast blanking and thorough screening.
Simple operation: small size, clean and easy to operate. All functions can be operated separately on the operation panel.

Main technical parameters of swing test screen:

Serial number name unit value
1. Screen surface diameter Φ 200 / 100 / 75 mm
2. Number of layers of screen surface: 1-8
3. Swing times 290 times / min
4. Round trip distance: 25 mm
5. Round trip times 290 times / min
6. Vibration frequency: 3000 times / min
7. Amplitude 0-3 mm
8. Motor power: 0.37 kw
Speed: 1400 rpm
Type x6609 x4800 mm
10. Total weight: 105 kg

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