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[technical points] how to double the screening efficiency of ultrasonic vibrating screen?

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Ultrasonic vibrating screen The powder machine is favored by the majority of high-precision material manufacturers because it can screen more than 500 mesh materials. But you know what can be improved on the basis of normal use Ultrasonic vibrating screen Is the screening efficiency of the pulverizer? Next is the key point, please make a record.  

1 Material screening Preparation: we usually use Screen machine When screening materials, the materials are directly put in, but what you don't know is that this is only the median of the normal production range of the screen machine, not its production capacity. The screening efficiency will be greatly improved by properly preparing the materials according to the characteristics of the screen machine before screening. For example, the moisture content of dry materials can be appropriately increased, the larger particles can be screened in advance, and the large water content can be separated by solid-liquid separation, and then screened and increased reasonably electric machinery Exciting force. These pre screening preparations can be combined with Ultrasonic vibration Sifter It can greatly improve the production efficiency;

2、 Screening inspection: after the above work is done, the formal screening work will be carried out. In the screening process, it is necessary to do a good job in the screening machine inspection and screening material inspection! In the normal operation of the screen machine, the screening material efficiency is determined according to the production requirements. However, because most of the materials screened by the screen machine are high-precision powder materials, the long-term production will cause uncertainty in screening, which will affect the screening accuracy and screening efficiency. Only regular inspection in the production process can find problems and solve them in time to ensure the improvement of screening efficiency;

3、 Cleaning and maintenance work after use: when the production is over, the screen surface and Sieve frame Because most of the residual materials are fine materials, if the residues are not cleaned up in time, the screening accuracy and efficiency of the next use will be directly affected. The regular maintenance of the screen machine is an essential part, especially in the ultrasonic Vibrating screen powder machine When it is applied to starch, flour, electromagnetic powder and other micro powder materials, it is easy to cause the failure of the screen parts. as Vibration motor Entering a large number of powder materials will not only affect the output, but also have great security risks. For example, when the damping spring is subjected to high-frequency vibration for a long time, it will cause spring fatigue or deformation, which will directly affect the service life of the screen machine, etc., which we need to carry out regular maintenance.

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