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[technical points] Application of powder vibrating screen and selection principle of vibrating screen material

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Therefore, the production and sale of drugs are closely related to the production and sales of drugs. that Vibration sieve What's the function of powder and liquid medicine production?

The function is to screen out the qualified powder, remove the unqualified or coarse and fine powder, and filter out the coarse-grained impurities in the liquid medicine. The requirements of medical industry for vibrating screen: material quality; second screening accuracy.
Material aspect

All about Powder vibrating screen There are also relevant provisions in the Pharmacopoeia, which must meet the GMP production standards of the pharmaceutical industry, which is related to whether the screened drugs will be contaminated. yes Vibrating screen In other words, GMP standard is the requirement of material Vibrating screen screening Machine material must be 304 stainless steel Even 316L; vibrating screen Screening machine The seal must be made of materials up to the standard of pharmaceutical industry, and the seal of vibrating screen must be used Silicone material Before use, the equipment must be carefully cleaned with alcohol several times. Attention must be paid to the inside of the equipment. The polishing should be smooth. The whole machine can be polished inside and outside without black spots and burrs.
In addition, due to the different materials handled by various pharmaceutical manufacturers, workshop management also needs to be very strict. Some drugs are flammable and explosive, so electric machinery In the selection should also pay attention to the different materials, equipment installation is common Vibration motor perhaps Explosion proof motor Etc.
Second, screening accuracy
First, select the standard Vibrating screen screen mesh No matter how good the machine is, it's ridiculous. Here to remind users: try to choose the screen produced by regular manufacturers. Xinxiang is the place where the screen standard is drafted, so choose the screen made in Xinxiang.
Thirdly, in order to improve the screening accuracy, some unique design of the equipment: add a gate at the discharge port of the standard vibrating screen, and add a gate on the screen surface ultrasonic Energy, forced vibrating screen

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